444 Pages
Katie Holland Publishing
ISBN 9781370809158

Alix had lived in the small town of Sunset Creek her entire life. A town where nothing exciting ever happens. That is until the day before her senior year started. A new family moved into the abandoned place at the end of the road. Ben and his family seem nice enough but since the day they arrived strange things started happening. It seems like only Alix and her best friend Shay could see it though. And stranger yet it all seemed to be centered around Alix.

Her life changes forever when on her seventeenth birthday she learns who and what she really is. But can she become the person the world needs? Can she really save them all?

Join Alix, Shay and Ben as they start their magical journey in the world of the Nykara.

Katie Holland

About Katie Holland (Tulsa, Oklahoma Author)

Katie Holland

My writing career started in elementary school. I was first published in a local anthology when I was six. Over the years I wrote but not seriously until about three years ago. I have since published my first novel.

I love everything about books and when I'm not taking care of my family or writing you can always find me reading in my spare time.

I get my inspiration from the everyday and then let my imagination take over. I love getting lost in the worlds I create while writing and I hope you enjoy them as well.