One Approach to Effective Leadership

One Approach to Effective Leadership
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ISBN 1532743041 or 978-1532743047

In recent years, the term leadership has been studied extensively to say the least. Many books, blogs, journal entries and articles have been written in reference to leadership. Lecturers and leadership practitioners have presented what they commonly refer to as the latest and greatest techniques and catch phrases that leaders practice today. Leadership is a broad category and therefore needs to be narrowed down. Beginning with my own admission, when I first thought of an effective leadership model or approach I was somewhat baffled and confused by what I was expecting from a so-called leadership model.

After extensive research on leadership models and many discussions with peers, colleagues, family members and friends, I realized that a leadership model or approach does not have to be this elaborate system or arrangement, but should be as simple and meaningful as possible. My initial thoughts had me overreaching and thinking way beyond the scope needed to identify an effective leadership approach.

Through further discussions and research on leadership models and approaches, I discovered how basic the leadership approach can be and remain just as effective as an elaborate and over-the-top leadership model with all the bells and whistles designed to maximize leaders’ skills and abilities.

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

About Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Dr. Joseph E. Hamlett

Dr. Hamlett has a doctorate in business administration specializing in organizational leadership with a research focus in organizational leadership, organizational justice and building organizational capacity. He is the author of two articles on organizational justice and just completed a collaborative cross-cultural book on leadership and change that is due out in the January of 2017.

He has spent most of his adult life motivating and inspiring individuals to reach beyond what is directly in front of them. Dr. Hamlett continues to encourage others to pursue their dreams and assists them in reaching their goals and their full potential. He uses experiences from his own personal story that is a collection of trials, hardships, tragedy, happiness and success to inspire people of all ages.

With over 30 years of leadership experience he has worked as a janitor, sanitation worker, security guard, line operator, line mechanic, aircraft mechanic, working group leader, quality control inspector, quality assurance inspector, quality assurance supervisor, maintenance supervisor and human resource manager. In his present role as special project manager Dr. Hamlett is leading a workforce development team; bringing together military and community leaders, the Department of Labor, educators and employers.

Dr. Hamlett is currently a highly sought after mentor, coach, trainer and public speaker by many institutions in the civilian and military communities. He continues to gather information and build his knowledge base in reference to leadership topics, concepts, theories and principles. Dr. Hamlett is an affiliate faculty member at Southwestern College in the Professional Studies Department teaching leadership, management and business courses in the graduate degree programs. Through his teaching experience, Dr. Hamlett is able to assist current and future leaders develop into facilitators that will positively influence their organizations.