One Dead, Two to Go

One Dead, Two to Go
240 Pages
ISBN 978-1603813112

Edwina “Eddie” Shoes keeps her life simple. As a Private Investigator in Bellingham, Washington, she’s careful about her clients. Her motto, “get paid up front and don’t take on angry men with cheating spouses” has served her well. Then along comes Kendra, with her puppy-dog eyes and sad story of marital infidelity, and Eddie Shoes finds herself breaking her own rules.

To make matters worse, Eddie’s talent for maintaining a personal life at arm’s length, also falls apart. After years of a long distance relationship with her mother, Chava shows up on her doorstep. As a card counting, poker player in trouble with everyone in Las Vegas, Eddie’s mother may never go back to Nevada, or give up sleeping in Eddie's home office.

It doesn’t help that a sexy detective from Eddie’s past also moves to town. Add it all together, and Eddie’s simple life has become far more complicated than she ever bargained for. And somewhere in the middle of all of it, a dead woman needs Eddie to find the truth.

Elena Hartwell

About Elena Hartwell (San Diego, California Author)

Elena Hartwell

After twenty years in the theater, Elena Hartwell turned her dramatic skills to fiction. Her first novel, One Dead, Two to Go introduces Eddie Shoes, private eye. Called “the most fun detective since Richard Castle stumbled into the 12th precinct,” by author Peter Clines, In’DTale Magazine stated, “this quirky combination of a mother-daughter reunion turned crime-fighting duo will captivate readers.”

In addition to her work as a novelist, Elena teaches playwriting at Bellevue College and tours the country to lead writing workshops. Elena grew up in San Diego, California, but now lives in North Bend, Washington, with her husband, their dog, Polar, and their trio of cats, Jackson, Coal Train, and Luna, aka, “the other cat upstairs.”

When she’s not writing or teaching, her favorite place to be is at the farm with her horses, Chance and Jasper. Elena holds a B.A. from the University of San Diego, a M.Ed. from the University of Washington, Tacoma, and a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.

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