One Of Life's Tests – My Personal Bout With Vocal Cord Cancer

One Of Life's Tests
54 Pages

On November 14, 2013 I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Cancer. Almost immediately I decided that a good way of dealing with this life experience was to document it, so that it could be shared with others.

I hope this eBook will give you some insight into the experience of being diagnosed with Vocal Cord Cancer and the Radiation Treatment process that followed. This experience is most likely different for everyone but the process should be similar within a reasonable amount of technology time, say five years from this writing (2014).

The journey itself provides enough detail about my questioning and understanding to provide a fairly good context as you follow me through this experience. What you will find within is a time and event based description of how my situation evolved. In almost all cases I waited at least a day before writing my impression of each and every event.

Larry Coppenrath

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Larry Coppenrath

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