Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence – Reflections on Nature and Wisdom

Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence
128 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4507-8697-3

The seed for this book was planted when I snapped my first photograph as a small child. Since then I have gravitated to working behind the lens as a way of capturing moments of time and untold beauty. There is no “rational” reason for this–I’ve simply felt called to do so.

Photography has always been a kind of moving meditation for me; through photography I’ve experienced what it feels like to be fully present, engaged, alive, and joyous in a way that makes my soul dance.

As someone who spent many years engrossed in intellectual pursuits and stuck in her own head, I found that photography was a doorway into a different way of being. It has become clear that this dance of inspiration and action is part of my own intuition and intelligence in motion.

Paula Gregorowicz

About Paula Gregorowicz (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Author)

Paula Gregorowicz

Paula Gregorowicz owner of The Paula G. Company LLC, helps business owners take charge of their time, productivity, and technology and helps them build authentic, sustainable businesses while having plenty of time and space for a life they love.

The work Paula shares with others is the essence of her more than twenty years experience and education: from BS in Accounting to 20 years in corporate America to entrepreneur and business owner, spiritual and coach training, and eclectic life experiences.

She is a formally trained coach, published writer and passionate photographer having written many articles for online, print publications and her book Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom. She is also producer of the Fun & Profit for the Active Entrepreneur Podcast.

Great stuff not only gets started with Paula, it gets finished!

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