Operatic Divas and Naked Irishmen: – An Innkeeper's Tale

Operatic Divas and Naked Irishmen:
256 pages Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 1631521942, ISBN-13: 978-1631521942

In 1994, at the age of 64, with no business experience and very little start-up money, Nancy Hinchliff buys a turn-of-the-century mansion in Louisville, Kentucky and turns it into a charming Victorian Inn. Through sheer tenacity, she learns the business while successfully coping with one mishap after another. The author, an admittedly asocial retired school teacher, reinvents herself as an Innkeeper. In this humorous and engaging tale the author deftly wields her way around cantankerous contractors, harrowing housekeepers, and no shortage of strange and interesting guests and events. Through her collected stories, Hinchliff gives readers a personal, in-depth, and honest look at what it’s like to be an innkeeper and still keep your sense of humor as she candidly describes her challenging twenty year journey of self-discovery.

Nancy R Hinchliff

About Nancy R Hinchliff (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Nancy R Hinchliff

Nancy Hinchliff was born in Detroit, but spent most of her life in Chicago. She earned undergraduate degrees in music and education and graduate degrees in music, science of education and special education before teaching in the Chicago Public schools for 30 years and in the school of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

She has been writing all of her adult life, mostly journal articles, essays, and creative non-fiction and have been published in newsletters, local magazines, and as a guest on many blogs. In 2008 she co-authored Room at the Table, a cookbook written for the Bed and Breakfast Association of Kentucky which won their president's award.

Today she lives in the small town of Essex Junction, Vermont and spends most of her time writing. On the week-ends she visits with one of her two daughters and son-in-law who live close by. Her other daughter and two grandchildren continue to live in Chicago. Her debut memoir, Operatic Divas and Naked Irishmen: An Innkeeper's Tale, will be released June 6, 2017.