Overcoming Heartache – Derek Madison Series

Overcoming Heartache
187 Pages
ISBN 978-1514333013

Derek Madison is content being a bachelor until he meets Heather. They have a steamy, explosive relationship as they fall in love and marry. His idyllic life takes a chaotic turn when he begins to receive mysterious telephone calls. The message is always the same—go home. Derek ignores the calls, dismissing them as a prank.

After a bitter disagreement with Heather, Derek leaves work early to apologize. He enters the house and discovers why the calls had been telling him to go home.

Despite his discovery, Derek attempts to save his marriage. Devastated and hurt, he has difficulty loving and trusting Heather. He files for divorce and unexpectedly she receives full custody of their children.

To make matters worse, she threatens his parental rights by not adhering to the divorce decree.

Life after divorce causes Derek to struggle as he tries to balance being single and maintaining a relationship with his children. Broken-hearted, discouraged, lonely, and disillusioned he's about to give up when he meets Shaly. He wants to love and trust her, but questions whether he can. Will he allow Shaly to break through his emotional walls? Can he forget the past and find happiness, joy and peace, again?

Angela Hauzeur

About Angela Hauzeur (The Villages, Florida Author)

Angela Hauzeur

Angela Hauzeur is an award winning published poet and author of fictional books based on real life experiences. She has won several national poet awards and received an award from NANOWriMo for completing the challenge of writing a book in thirty days. She is a blogger of political and other varied topics. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and The Write Corner.