Painting for Peace in Ferguson

Painting for Peace in Ferguson
54 Pages
ISBN 0996390103

Painting for Peace in Ferguson is the award-winning children's book that tells the story of the hundreds of artists and volunteers who worked to transform boarded up windows into works of art with messages of hope, healing and unity in Ferguson, Missouri following protests and upheaval in the community in November, 2014.

The book is a complete product of St. Louis artists and artisans. Designed by Robert O’Neil and Michael Kilfoy, the publisher for the second edition is Amphorae Publishing Group. It was printed by Advertisers Printing Company and bound at Jaffe Book Solutions.

In May 2016, "Painting for Peace: an Adult Coloring Book" was released showcasing more than a dozen outlines of the original, hopeful and inspiring images of street art from Ferguson and additional new designs, this coloring book is unique in that it will include illustrations that range from simple images that young children can master, to complex, detailed drawings that will appeal to adults. In this way, children and adults can color together and talk about the messages and spirit behind the art as well. The book also feature behind-the-scenes stories from several of the artists whose work has been transformed into a coloring page format. Profits from Painting for Peace will be donated to youth organizations and small businesses in Ferguson, Missouri and the surrounding communities.

All proceeds after printing costs of both books go to benefit North County youth, art and community programs.

Carol Swartout Klein

About Carol Swartout Klein (Adirondacks/North Country, New York Author)

Carol Swartout Klein

Carol Swartout Klein grew up in Ferguson and was so inspired by witnessing the spirit of hundreds of volunteers coming together to bring hope to a community in shock that she wanted to capture the story and Painting for Peace in Ferguson is the result. After a year of sharing the story in schools, libraries, panels and other speaking engagements, she wanted to produce something more hands on that people both young and old would enjoy. The result was Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book. Along with Painting for Peace in Ferguson, Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book has been designed to inspire children and adults alike.

A journalist and marketing professional by training, Klein has always wanted to write a children’s book. She saw how healing the actual process of creating the artwork was for all those involved … as the community came together to help others, the artists, business owners and volunteers benefited themselves … and created new connections that she hopes will continue to strengthen in the future.

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