Parasite Girls

Aidan Connor is a globetrotting American photojournalist. Burned out from a disastrous assignment, he turns up on the Tokyo doorstep of his old college friend, Mima. He soon learns that Mima's past (and his own) have become present.

A talented artist, Mima is struggling to make it on her own. Two of her oldest friends, Sora and Eko are also battling a peculiar form of social injustice: they are branded "Parasite Singles" because both still live at home despite being in their early thirties.

Aidan knows everyone has a story: a brilliant painter, Sora suffers from mental illness. Eko, who appears to be the poster child for the term also has a dark past.

As he remakes himself, Aidan is reminded of what kept him close to Mima all these years. He also sees what keeps Mima, Sora, Eko and Mima's old love so close as thing never dies.

Tory Gates

About Tory Gates (Vermont Author)

Tory Gates

A broadcaster for more than three decades, Tory Gates has done nearly everything there is to do in radio. Currently, Tory can be found anchoring newscasts and hosting programs on the Radio Pennsylvania Network and stations across Central Pennsylvania. He hosts The Brown Posey Press Show, a talk program for authors on the BookSpeak Network, and is known as DJ`Riff, host of The Music Club for the London-based Radio-Airwaves Station.

Tory is the author of four books. His latest, "Searching for Roy Buchanan" is the first of the Sweet Dreams Series, with the sequel, "Call it Love" set for 2020. His other works include the award-winning A Moment in the Sun and Live from the Cafe. His self-published debut, Parasite Girls, is available through Amazon and Smashwords.

Tory’s works are of young adult/crossover fiction, with locations familiar and exotic, and deal with real-life issues and social problems.

A native of Vermont, Tory lives in Harrisburg with his numerous cats. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter (@ToryGates), MeWe, and the nearest place that serves good coffee!