Parenting At Your Best – Powerful Reflections and Straightforward Tips for Becoming a Mindful Parent

Parenting At Your Best
250 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9979298-0-5

How do you maintain mindful relationships with your children in this frenzied, disconnected world?

Most of us believe we have parenthood planned perfectly; when we’ll become parents, how we’ll parent, even anticipating how our children will respond to our parenting. Yet, reality proves to us on a daily basis that nothing in parenting goes as planned.

With all of life's ups and downs, outside influences, and daily stressors, how do you effectively navigate parenting?

In Parenting at Your Best, you'll learn how to: *Be a role model for what you desire in your child's life *Be involved in your child's life, but not excessively involved *Create lasting memories with your child by being present

Parenting at Your Best comes from the reflections of parents who lost their only child, parents who truly know the value of each moment. Their desire is to share the lessons they've learned so you may apply them to living in the moment with your own children.

Roni Wing Lambrecht

About Roni Wing Lambrecht (Denver, Colorado Author)

Roni Wing Lambrecht

Known as a serial entrepreneur by her family and friends, Roni Lambrecht has always been a forward thinker, spending her time working on projects to make life easier and more organized for everyone she connects with. For the majority of her career, Roni has run her own mortgage document preparation and closing company since 1996, and has been a REALTOR® since 2008.

Roni and her husband, John, have been married since 1995. Their beautiful son, Dalton, was with them for 15 years and left for Heaven just after Christmas 2013 due to injuries from an ATV accident. Dalton lived his short life creating smiles, laughter, and happiness by sharing his kind spirit and helping others through tough times. Roni and John continue his legacy by counting their blessings for the short time they had him and practicing random acts of kindness in his memory each and every day.

Roni and John live in Castle Rock, Colorado with their dog, Daxton. They spend most of their time remodeling and selling homes for their clients. Any free time is spent with their families in Colorado and Texas, and riding ATVs and camping in sand dunes across the U.S.

Roni's books, Parenting At Your Best, A Parent's Guide for Journaling to Their Child, and A Parent's Journal For Their Child are a tribute to Dalton, with anticipation that the stories and advice they offer will inspire others to excellence in their parenting.