Peace to You Too, Brother – A story of dreams, devotion and devastation.

Based on a true story, “Peace to You Too, Brother” tells the story of three young people growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania during the turbulent Sixties who are attempting to build their futures, but the Vietnam War is hanging over their heads. It's a story of dreams, devotion and devastation.

Chuck Pora

About Chuck Pora (Erie, Pennsylvania Author)

Chuck Pora

Chuck Pora has lived in Erie, Pennsylvania his entire life. A Baby Boomer, he grew up in the chaotic Sixties, where JFK, the Beatles and Vietnam were center stage. His knowledge of the era is extensive, and he enjoys sharing it, as well as stories about his hometown, in his work.

Writing is Chuck's true passion. He has served as a contributing writer for the Erie Times-News since 1974, where he has had well over a thousand by-line stories published, mostly in sports. He has also done creative columns, movie reviews, editorials, feature stories and work for other periodicals and web sites.

Since 2009 Chuck has authored six books, five of which contain collections of short stories about growing up in Erie in the Sixties, which are: "Pora Lotta Lore" (2009); "Pora Lot More Lore" (2010); "My Affliction" (2014); "Why We Never Had Dates" (2015); and "Positively State Street: The Best of Chuck Pora" (2016). In addition, Chuck is author of a hard-hitting novel about the Vietnam War era, "Peace to You Too, Brother" (2012), which is his very best work. For more about Chuck Pora's books, or to purchase them, visit his website at: Also, check out his Facebook page, "Chuck Pora the Writer." In Erie, Chuck's books can be purchased at Werner Books, 3514 Liberty Street, in the Liberty Plaza.