Perfect Need—Seven Tales of Love and Passion

Perfect Need—Seven Tales of Love and Passion
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ISBN 978-1976398087

Close your eyes, Fall in love. Stay there. ~ Rumi

Rumi knew everything about love. To me, this quote is the perfect description of how I write and how I fall in love. It's a mystery, a thrill, an adventure—every time.

You never know who you'll fall in love with, or why, or whether it's a good idea. Ask Rowan in A Star, A Stone. How could you ever anticipate the wonder, the inspiration being in love can bring. An Unbearable Brightness explores that light. A sudden rainstorm - Stormy Weather - or even an exercise class - The Queen of Heaven - can be the spark that creates abandon and passion between two lovers. In Dolce, a full-course Italian meal prepared with love whets . . . other appetites.

My stories are explorations of what love and passion can become, how they can affect two people for a moment, or for a lifetime. When they close their eyes, literally or not; when they tumble into a love they never expected; when they decide it's worth the risk to stay . . . or not.

Barbara L.B. Storey

About Barbara L.B. Storey (Other Author)

Barbara L.B. Storey

Barbara L. B. Storey is a writer, photographer, and digital artist. She loves to write, to read, to travel, and is also crazy about baseball. She was born and now lives in Canada, but is a former resident of New York City and misses it very much.

She's also particularly fond of certain book series - Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Outlander - of poetry, historical fiction, mysteries and thrillers, biographies, and history of almost any kind, but particularly art and political.

She has lived several different, interesting lives in both North America and Europe, but through them all, one thing has remained true: creating is essential. Writing or art - as long as she is making something and telling a story, she is happy.