Pin Your Wings – 13 Shades of Red Book 4

Pin Your Wings
288 Pages
Sisters Price Publishing
ISBN 978-1505430059

New album, new tour, new relationships.

With their new album done a tour on the horizon Thirteen Shades of Red has one last thing to do before it all starts: filming their new music video. Their record company pulls out all the stops for this one, including hiring on rising starlet Misery Chastain. And she’s single, a fact that has not escaped Shade’s guitarist Tosh Tillman.

Poised to be a leader in his shifter clan, Tosh is expected to take a mate and settle down. Those plans don’t fit with those of his family by choice and their bid for stardom. The one thing he is sure of is his interest in Misery. The woman is every fantasy he has ever had made flesh and he is determined to be the one to work with her for the video.

And Misery has her sights set on Tosh as well. A woman with a hidden past, she’s got secrets she’s dying to tell the only man that makes her blood pump hot… secrets that could destroy a burgeoning relationship, or bring it closer together.

When the object of Tosh’s lust wakes his beast, it seals their collective fate. He wasn’t looking for a mate, but it seems one found him. Too bad Misery is human… or is she?

Caught between the worlds of music, Hollywood, clans and courts, two people will have to learn how to be together and still be part of their own worlds.

S.A. Price

About S.A. Price (Savannah, Georgia Author)

S.A. Price

S.A. Price has been a tour manager, model, potter, and retail slave, but found her calling when she penned her first novel.

Author of over 42 books, she writes with several people (including her sister) under the names S.A. Price, Stella and Audra Price, Dagmar Avery and Anastasia Virgas, creating paranormal worlds readers are addicted to.

She lives in South Carolina, just over the bridge from Savannah GA, with her husband and dogs in a house that proves every day is halloween.