Pirate Tales – Salty Tails Cozy Mystery #1

Pirate Tales
346 Pages
ISBN 1482343908

A little Mystery, A little Romance, A lot of Laughs...

Salty Tails is a sarcastic, dog-hating cat, who thinks humans are here for two things and two things only; to feed and entertain him. To that end, Salty lives with his human partner, the emotional scarred, Thomas ‘Stormy’ McGuire, on a houseboat in Marina del Rey.

While Salty and Stormy are investigating a string of stolen boats, a friend is found dead in the water. It’s up to Stormy and Salty to find the connection. As if Stormy didn’t have enough to deal with, he suddenly finds himself the target of two women. One he thinks he’s in love with, the second claims only to be a friend.

Can Stormy’s wounded heart survive? Set sail with Salty Tails as he shares this bi-coastal tale of love and intrigue.

Richard Stephens

About Richard Stephens (Portland, Maine Author)

Richard Stephens

Pet Whisperer

No animals were harmed in the writing of these books

Have you ever wondered what your pets are saying? Your loyal dog with his adoring eyes. Or your arrogant and demanding cat that thinks he's in charge. What thoughts are really going through their mind? What do they say to each other? What do they say about us?

Richard Stephens is the bi-coastal author of, "Salty Tails," romantic cat cozy mysteries series and, "Rusty Nails (Cat Detective)" short story series. These fun filled adventures are told through the unique and often humorous perspective of a cat, and occasionally by a dog. Salty Tails, a rescue cat, lives in Marina del Rey, with his human partner, "Stormy McGuire," and feels humans are his own personal soap opera. Rusty Nails (Cat Detective) solves crimes with his human partner, "Murph," in Portland, Maine.

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