Pitching for Success – Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way

Pitching for Success
69 Pages
ISBN 9781939710-093

Pitching for Success: Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way Book synopsis

Dominic Perez, lead pitcher for the Firebirds, hasn’t been throwing strikes. In fact, he’s given away a double and a homerun. His confidence is down, and he worries that his father, the team’s head coach, will pull him out of the game…for good.

Dominic is about to learn an incredible lesson about hard work, sportsmanship, and the true meaning of baseball. Through his sister’s life-affirming first game at the Miracle League Fields, and his father’s stories about famed Reds pitcher and sportscaster, Joe Nuxhall, Dominic discovers that it’s not about the perfect game: it’s about being a good team member, brother, student, and friend – on the field and off.

“His Dad had told him, ‘don’t close your mind. Keep your options open. Don’t just work for yourself but work to help others less fortunate than you.’ So many possibilities. So many ways to realize a dream.”

Doug Coates

About Doug Coates (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Doug Coates

Riley’s Winning Catch; Good Character Prevails is his second book in a series of children's character books. The author’s first book is Pitching for Success: Character Lessons, the Joe Nuxhall Way. Both children’s books discuss the importance of good character and sportsmanship nestled in stories about baseball and girls’ softball. The author has brought into each book his experiences as both a baseball and softball coach for over twenty years. He has several years of grant writing experience for local non-profits.

He is a current board member and past treasurer of the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League. Besides writing, he enjoys watching collegiate and pro football and Major League Baseball. The author loves researching ancestry and family histories. He has five grand-kids, enjoys beach vacations, classic autos, and spending time with his partner, Karen.

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