Plunder – A Dr. Brett Carson Thriller

476 Pages
ISBN 978-1951188047

Dr. Brett Carson, Epidemic Intelligence Service agent for the Centers for Disease Control, just back from five months in the Arctic, is hurriedly sent to Guatemala to investigate the source of a mysterious and deadly Ebola-like virus that is sweeping through jungle villages. Brett soon meets the beautiful Kari Wheeler, daughter of an anthropologist who is searching the area for ancient Mayan tombs and artifacts. Civil war, tomb raiders, a rescue dog, a bullet-riddled Jeep, and an outbreak of the disease at an isolated New Mexico monastery lead Brett and Kari on a perilous chase to identify and stop the spread of the virus—and well as save their own lives from relentless killers who are closing in on their trail.

keith wilson

About keith wilson (Toledo, Ohio Author)

keith wilson

Dr. Keith Wilson is a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, where he earned several academic honors, and was chosen outstanding senior student in medicine and graduated cum laude. He was elected to AOA Medical Honorary Society both Junior and Senior years. He completed his residency in Denver, Colorado, where he was also chief resident.

He was the director the MRI Section at Toledo Hospital and was the medical director of the PET-CT / MRI outpatient office. For the last fifteen years of his medical career he worked exlusively at the Promedica Breast Care Center, specializing in diagnosis of breast cancer.

In addition to four published books, Keith has also written several short stories and has won awards, among them the Hemingway Short Story Contest and The National Writer's Club Contest.

Since retiring, he and his wife Cathy now divide their time between Ohio, Cape Cod, and Florida.