Politics Trumps Nuclear Science – America's Radioactive Waste Dilemma

Politics Trumps Nuclear Science
519 Pages
Prose Press
ISBN 978-1-941069-23-3

The book condenms the failure of the American government to develop a nuclear waste disposal plan. In addition, the book describes how that failure has converted America into a minefield of deadly radioactive dump sites and landfills, some of which are slowly polluting the groundwater, soil and air that we breath. In the event of a catastrophic event, masses of people could be killed and/or their communities and environments made uninhabitable for centuries.

The book has multiple purposes. Its first purpose is to convey the message that it is irresponsible of the federal government not to require parallel processes for nuclear power production and nuclear waste destruction. The author likens the construction of nuclear power plants to building buildings without toilets. Hundreds of nuclear power plant nuclear waste stock piles and legacy waste from the Cold War leave behind billions of deadly radioactive curies, hazardous to public safety, health and the environment. The second purpose is to describe how the failure of the government to develop a comprehensive nuclear waste elimination plan has destroyed the future of the nuclear power industry in the U.S. A third purpose of the book is to describe the sound arguments by earth and social scientists against the deep geologic repository concept. These arguments are being ignored to the detriment of the public since the repositories are open systems of energy and matter which continuously change and are therefore unpredictable. Government scientists have advanced a sound solution: technologically boosted transmutation. It would reduce the volume, lower the radioactivity level, and shorten the half life of nuclear waste but the Department of Energy has elected to ignore their own scientist's advice.

Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D.

About Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D. (Aiken, South Carolina Author)

Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D.

A medical anthropologist, Dr. Hayes served on the U.S. Department of Energy Site-Specific Board-Savannah River, from 2009-2015, chairing its Nuclear Materials Committee. Having authored publications on nuclear waste management, she now offers a course on nuclear waste resolutions at the University of South Carolina-Aiken and writes non-fiction and fiction books which always center on the foibles of atom splitting.

Her fast moving and hard hitting stories lace together fanciful plots centered on poisons derived from nuclear waste that threaten the planet. She often sets scenes against the brutal horror of World War II Nazi killing factories and their use of Zyklon-B gas to exterminate millions of innocent men, women, and little children.

Anchored in such exotic third world venues as Sudan, Namibia, and Amazonia, Hayes falls back on her anthropological training to weave together history, scientific fact, the worst of human tendencies, and planetary pollution by nuclear waste.