Pradee – Guardian of the Orb

288 Pages
Faeriemoon Press
ISBN 978-1452831527

What if there were an artifact that had the power to change the future? Would you use it?

Three friends are accused of poisoning an Elder in their village.They escape to the mysterious region of Vel to search for the Guardian of a mythical artifact - one that can see the past and change the future. If they find the artifact, it could prove their innocence.However, if it falls into the wrong hands, it could destroy the future of their world as they know it.

In the tradition of The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, Pradee will pull the reader into an exciting, otherworldly adventure.

Clarissa Johal

About Clarissa Johal (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Clarissa Johal

Clarissa Johal is the bestselling author of paranormal novels, Whispers in the Wood, Poppy, The Island, Voices, Struck, and Between. When she's not listening to the ghosts in her head, she's swinging from a trapeze, or taking pictures of gargoyles. She shares her life with her husband, two daughters, and every stray animal that darkens their doorstep.