Price of Redemption

Price of Redemption
285 Pages
ISBN 978-1794493742

It is best that we all strive to lead good moral lives, as we see in this crime story that all people’s actions affect each other. The cost of redemption is great, but the cost of sin is even greater. It all depends on the basic nature of a given person, and the life they are given. The lives of Dolan, Ivan, Lily, Cynthia, and Father Ignatius all prove this. They all find redemption, each in their own way, in their own time, in their own religious ways.

For others, redemption can be exceedingly costly. In Lily’s case, her spoiled childhood, and being raised in a military family that was troubled caused her to seek solace in material things. Self-bondage and compulsive shopping helped Lily deal with her father’s death. Her greed caused her to commit one of the most heinous sins, the act of murder. It was not until she went to prison that she finally found some redemption.

Ivan was the worst of fathers, believing his Luciferian cult ways gave one the right to abuse, torture, and kill others. Since he had been in the highest circles, he knew to whom he could report all the crimes of drug smuggling, murder, torture, and other illegal acts. Those he was involved with were after him….so he turned to the Orthodox church for help….

Ivan’s son Nolan, after seeing his mother and sister die in a fire he was sure his father started, and from which he escaped, grew up with spiritual guidance. He met Lily and fell in love. She helped him in his charity work, but her shopping addiction put a financial burden on Nolan, and they divorced years later, leavings Lily to prey on a man she met whom she believed was wealthy. When she learned he wasn’t, she and an acquaintance plotted his death in order to collect on the insurance….

There are those in the story who never find redemption. They are the saddest characters. They start out good, with careers that would help people, but gave in to their own earthly desires and put their want for wealth above all else. Perhaps in time….

Taylor Storm

About Taylor Storm (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Taylor Storm

Taylor Storm is the author of seven winning novels, including the cliff-hangers in the Who--? Series • Who Are They? The Extreme Limit • Who Loves Them? The Pre-Arranged Wedding • Who Loves Her? The Vanilla Wedding • Who Am I? Shocked to Emotion • Who Chases Them? Running…But From What? • Who Is He? The Black Hoax: An Identity Crises • Who Deceives Whom? The Art of Trickery and Deception

Taylor has also written: She Pours a Great Manhattan and She Blew Up Her Husband

Taylor warns that you should look around you; you may know someone who has a secret life just like the characters.