Profusion – (Diffusion Book 3)

How can you save humanity if your only hope is to call upon an entity that could destroy us all?

As nations argue over who should possess the alien entity called the Lamotelokhai, 15-year-old Bobby Truex knows the answer—no one should. After all, he’s the one who told it to go into hiding. He knows, better than anyone, that misusing it leads to death and destruction. After months trying to overcome his guilt, Bobby’s life is suddenly shattered, forcing him to risk everything and once again ask for help from the most dangerous object imaginable.

Meanwhile, Quentin and Lindsey Darnell are tormented by the memory of leaving their son Addison to die in the Papuan rainforest. After learning he is still alive, they set out to find him but are shocked by what they discover. Addison is now part of something truly amazing, something that may result in the next stage of human evolution.

Now, Bobby must not only survive—he must make his way to the other side of the world to find Quentin and Lindsey. The fate of the planet depends on it.

Stan C. Smith

About Stan C. Smith (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Stan C. Smith

Novels like the Diffusion series have been bottled up in Stan Smith for most of his life. As a kid, he devoured Tarzan and John Carter novels and daydreamed of exploring uncharted jungles. That kid still exists in him today. He and his wife, Trish, have hiked the rainforests of a half dozen tropical countries. They haven't uncovered any ancient world-altering secrets, but then they're not yet finished looking. There is also a sentimental side to this adventurous sci-fi lover. That sentimentality shines in the love stories, Blue Arrow and Parthenium's Year.

Stan taught biology to middle school students for eleven years and then trained teachers to use technology for another eighteen years. When he is not writing, he is usually spending time with their five children and ten grandchildren, or he is out canoeing, hiking, fishing, or hunting in his home state of Missouri.