Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar's Story - Revenge – Psychological thriller of a psychopath's vengeance

Psycho-Analysis: Khedlar's Story - Revenge
252 pages Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 159433773X

What emotion is left once the heart and mind stops caring? Khedlar has an unquenchable thirst for revenge and will stop at nothing to punish those responsible for the murder of his wife and child. No one is safe in his psychopathic path, not even himself. In a warped world of madness and deceit, he makes it his mission to save his daughter's soul which pulls him deeper into the web. This unique, fast-paced psychological thriller will horrify and exhilarate your senses all at once. Dawn Vines makes us question what is normality while leaving you wanting to know more. How many fragments of the puzzle were still hidden in the shadows and is Demetrius the only one who knows the untainted truth? Revenge is relentlessly gripping, with an intensely captivating story, a must read that will be impossible to put down and not for the faint-hearted.

Catherine Nuza

About Catherine Nuza (Other Author)

Catherine Nuza

Catherine Nuza portrays through her writing a personal perspective of life experience in caring for people suffering from mental illness. Being a writer all her life she tells the story from every angle including facts, experiences, imagination, and work.

Traveling from a young age she sampled humanity from all walks of life and understands the sociological and psychological traits of cultures and weaves these elements into her story. Caring for a wide age range, she has developed a humanistic lens garnered from hard work, the desire to help others and reveals her knowledge and experience.

The story evolved rapidly into a full-blown novel with the notion to create and unveil the journey and making of a psychopath. Not enough is shared about the evolution of the human mind that creates these monsters. She writes with an educated eye that visually paints the picture of their world.