Put The Word In Your Mouth – Believe God, Agree With His Word, Declare His Word, and Change Your Life!

Put The Word In Your Mouth
238 Pages
Redemption Books
ISBN 9780615431758

Are you facing circumstances that seem impossible? ​Do you need healing in your body, a financial breakthrough or a fresh touch from God? Whatever you need, the answer is in God's Word. God’s plan for your life is good, not evil! Success belongs to you, but are you blocking your blessings?

​When spoken in faith, God’s Word in your mouth, is just as powerful as if He himself spoke it! In the book Put The Word In Your Mouth, Angeline L. Williams candidly shares how God taught her the importance of agreeing with Him and speaking what He speaks. This biblically sound, informative, and thought-provoking book is a must read for anyone who desires victory in their Christian walk. ​ Right now, if you are tired of being sick and tired, and you are ready to walk in the abundant life Christ died for you to have, then this book is for you!

Angeline Williams

About Angeline Williams (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Angeline Williams

​Angeline L. Williams was born and raised in Miami, Florida. In 1988 she and her three small children moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She is a licensed minister, dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations with a message of hope, healing and living in victory.

God has embedded within Angeline a passionate love for His Word, a fervent desire to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ, and to see the Bride of Christ living to her full potential, prepared for Christ’s return. Having survived various types of abuse, she strives and thrives each day to reach deeper levels of healing by abiding in intimacy with the Spirit of God and following His mandate to set the captives free.

Sharing God’s word and writing is her passion and a lifelong dream. Believing that God is a God of purpose, she loves to share how we can be His disciples despite difficulties. She wrote her first book of poetry at the age of thirteen. She wrote and directed the gospel stage play “Glory to Jesus”, and co-authored the stage play “Daddy, Please Don't Leave Me”. In this play, she also wrote and performed three songs. In addition to poetry, song and play writing, She writes articles on her blog and several other Christian blogs and publications.