Quantum God – How Life Really Works

Quantum God
247 with Appendix (not including Bibliography and Endnotes) Pages
Balboa Press
ISBN 978-1-4525-7128-7

Quantum God shows how science supports wisdoms that spiritual traditions have told us across the ages.

Based on energy principles, the reader also learns how to redefine the idea of self after understanding why you are so much more than you think you are.

Michelle Langenberg

About Michelle Langenberg (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Michelle Langenberg

Besides being an award-winning poet, Michelle Langenberg (M. B. Lange) is a freelance editor, artist, teacher, and master Reiki healer. Her articles, poetry, artwork, and songs have been published by such presses as Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Kansas City Star, The Formalist, and Southern Humanities Review.

She has been a judge for poetry and art contests, and has written The Painted Bible, Portraits of a Poet, You Won’t Always Be Little, Tad, and The Book of Great Beginnings: Two-hundred First Lines to Give Writers a Running Start. She also owns two screenplays looking for a producer.

Langenberg believes in kindness, blessings, sea-song, and dark chocolate. Her web address is www.langefinearts.com.