Rabiah, the Gift – Book 1

Rabiah, the Gift
298 Pages
LL Publishing
ISBN 978-0998548210

A chance meeting and suddenly Rabiah finds herself bound with a magical link to the son of the man responsible for attacking her people. Should she leave her home and her people to go with the son of the enemy?

Lisa Lagaly

About Lisa Lagaly (Washington, DC Author)

Lisa Lagaly

I was born on Earth. No, really. Don’t believe them if anyone tells you differently. I’ve attempted to clone myself several times. The last one looks the most like me – the technology still isn’t perfect. I don’t know if it was something I was exposed to at work or if I bumped my head, but I got out of the shower one day and started writing. I’ve had this problem before but it’s never gone on so long. Perhaps I caught it from one of the clones.

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