Rainbow's Shadow and the Other Side of Paradise – (Book 3 of 3)

Rainbow's Shadow and the Other Side of Paradise
240 Pages
ISBN 978-1-46852-386-7

We conclude the Rainbow’s Shadow trilogy with a journey into the Other Side of Paradise. Faced with the ultimate decision, Will has to choose between true paradise or chasing a madman into the other side.

The decision is easy. His brothers’ soul and the ability to eliminate evil is motivation enough to forego experiencing paradise. Only one destination is at hand. He has to enter the belly of the beast and he knows it.

Accompanied by his buddy Jimmy Foster, Will sets out on a journey unlike anything they have witnessed. Not only have they agreed to travel through the ten spheres of the other side, they have also committed to eliminate Malkuth once and for all.

A total eclipse of the sun symbolizes Malkuth’s ascension as Will’s ultimate purpose emerges. He has to rise to the challenges which confront him.

Malkuth doesn’t go easy as he assembles armies beyond expectations. It takes faith and a unique visit to Writers Block to energize Will and his forces as they endeavor to cleanse the book of souls for all mankind.

The quest to eliminate evil drives him. But, it’s his perseverance and the forerunner’s legacy which elevate him into iconic leadership.

John Cicero

About John Cicero (Cleveland, Ohio Author)

John Cicero

John Cicero’s passion for writing is driven from the joy he receives from reading his stories to his children. Watching the expressions on their face as he takes them on a journey through the magical pages of his imagination is what drives him to find the time to write.

With over 28 years experience in health care, technology, and professional sports, John Cicero lives with his family in Cleveland, Ohio.