Rapid Teamwork – 5 Essential Steps to Transform Any Group Into a GREAT Team

Rapid Teamwork
162 Pages
ISBN 978-0996245814

In modern organizations, there seems to be a revolving door of projects, and that presents employees and managers with new roles and new teammates.

The challenge they face is seldom about strategy. Leaders struggle because they don’t have a process for bringing diverse individuals together as a collaborative team.

This is a story that offers leaders a solution to that all-too-common problem in an easy-to-read and entertaining leadership parable.

Rapid Teamwork tells the story of Greg Sharpe, a manager that readers can easily relate to. Greg’s team has been underachieving and struggling with a few issues.

What he and his executive team experience during an unusual rafting retreat is a lesson on how to become a more productive team quickly – creating a stronger, more unified workforce.

Sean Glaze

About Sean Glaze (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Sean Glaze

Sean inspires people to have fun laughing together so they can have more success working together. His three books, The Unexpected Leader, Rapid Teamwork, and The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates are powerful parables for building and leading great teams!

As a successful coach and educator for over 20 years, Sean gained valuable insights into how to develop winning teams - and founded Great Results Teambuilding to share those lessons…

Today, he travels around the country delivering interactive events and entertaining keynotes that transform employees into winning teammates!