Raven – Time Travel -The Eternal Knot Series

412 Pages

Raven Payne is a midwife whose favorite romance novel is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She and her eight girlfriends travel to Stonehenge for a vacation, when suddenly they're transported to different locations in time. Raven finds herself in 1823 Derbyshire, England and right in the middle of her favorite novel with Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Join her adventures and challenges; as she meets one of Mr. Darcy's secretive friend, her soulmate. Bran Williams has too many things going on in his life; he must save his beloved kingdom. When Raven walks into his life, his priorities change, and he will do anything to get his soulmate to marry him. But will he risk her life, saving England?

Will Raven follow her heart or will she return home as suddenly as she arrived? Will Bran convince Raven to trust him, especially with her heart? How will each respond when the others’ lives are in danger? Join Raven and Bran on their journey of love and adventure.

Sherrie Brown and S. Brown

About Sherrie Brown and S. Brown (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Sherrie Brown and S. Brown

What do I want to be when I grow up? I could never answer that question until now. Life for me has never been boring; it has always been an adventure. While serving in the Air Force; I married one of my best friends. I stayed at home and raised our two sons, who are married to two wonderful women, and I have one grandson. I have several incredible friends, and I love to travel. My husband and I are now living in Texas.

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