Read This...When I'm Dead – A Guide To Getting Your Stuff Together For Your Loved Ones

Read This...When I'm Dead
314 Pages
ISBN 9780988342552

Read This...When I'm Dead helps you gather all the important details about your life in one place for your loved ones. This fill-in-the-blank guidebook is presented in an upbeat and cleaver approach, and helps you journal answers to questions you loved ones will need and want to know. Who is the lawyer? Where are the keys to the boat? Where is that safe deposit box? Who are the pallbearers? Open casket or cremation? What organization should be listed for donations? Should it be a party or a wake? Did he want people to know about the struggles he overcame, or was that supposed to be private? These types of questions quickly come to mind during the chaos and accompanying fog when a loved one passes.

Later more questions arise: What was that story about the streetcar? What was the name of the club he joined? Who was her best friend, and who gave her this bracelet? Where was the family from in Norway? What was so important about this old rocking chair? Is it valuable because of who made it or was it used in a famous movie scene?

Read This...When I'm Dead helps you answer all these questions and more. It is a priceless gift for your loved ones. Live better knowing you have captured your life’s treasures.

Read This…When I’m Dead is the first in the Read This… series. The books help readers capture life’s treasures as they reflect and quickly journal about meaningful matters. Now pertinent and priceless information is forever recorded leading to a sense of peace and better living.

Annie Presley

About Annie Presley (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Annie Presley

Following a fascinating career in law, politics and professional fundraising, Annie Presley was ready to write a book to help others. Together with her friend Christy Howard, they started the Read This... series, and the Read This Gurus were born. The books are purposeful, fill-in-the-blank guides that provide a place to journal memories and share thoughts with loved ones. Their first book, Read This...When I'm Dead, helps families get through the difficult days when a loved one passes. Presley learned as a young child that moms do die unexpectedly, and leave the living in tatters. In addition to being loaded with helpful resources and references, the book is a reflection about what Presley wishes she knew about her mom. Because she has had many beloved dogs and cats, "The Poop on My Pets" chapter is a favorite.

After Read This...When I'm Dead won a 2015 Living Now book award, the women realized that the Read This... series would be a unique tool to engage, educate, and inspire people to capture life's treasures. Their second book, Read This...on Our Anniversary is a guide to help couples remember, record, celebrate and build on the strength in their relationships. Couples fill out the book together to craft the dreams of tomorrow and later recall the fun and challenges of yesterday. Despite having celebrated 11 anniversaries, the only one Presley and her husband can truly recall is the one they spent in the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

Presley is available for public speaking appearances.

Christy Howard

About Christy Howard (Co-Author)

Christy Howard

Christy Howard co-authored her first book, The Environmental Due Diligence Handbook, as a young lawyer. It wasn't exactly the type of book she had dreamed of writing! After starting her career as an attorney, she migrated to various corporate strategic positions and served on the executive committee of a global humanitarian organization (a favorite experience). Throughout her diverse career, Howard wanted to write an inspirational book to touch people\'s hearts.

During conversations with Annie Presley, the women realized that they had experienced very different outcomes when faced with their mothers's mortality. Howard's mother has survived decades battling a rare disease, and along the way organized a file with financial information, family history and her final wishes. Howard felt blessed with this compilation in stark comparison to Presley's lack of information about Presley's mother who did not survive. Thus, they joined forces to create Read This...When I'm Dead to provide a friendly, upbeat guide for others.

When Howard isn't writing or spending time with her husband and daughter, she often finds herself helping friends and family organize - closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets.

The Read This... series has allowed Howard to achieve her dream of writing books to inspire and touch peoples\' hearts, and the style enables her to use those crazy organizational skills. Her own closets and drawers are, however, starting to become a bit cluttered as she focuses on the Read This... series.

Howard is available for public speaking appearances.

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