Real Principals Have No Class

Real Principals Have No Class
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An old and dilapidated school gets a new principal whose mission is to bring the school up to modern standards. She enlisted parents, teachers and everyone else in the community who had an interest in the school to help clean up and fix up the old building.

The new principal taught taught two classes (fourth and fifth grades) in addition to doing the administrative work. Principal Suzanne settled into her new job quickly, and soon began work to update the curriculum.

Trouble started when an influx of people from other states attracted to the area began to move into the area. They didn’t like the old school that was “out in the boonies.” They wanted a new school, and they wanted it now. They thought Suzanne could get a new school by pressuring the superintendent and school board.

No one had thought about updating the school and getting it accredited by the agency responsible for verifying that the school met accreditation requirements. Suzanne thought the time was right to work on accreditation. She motivated the teachers to work on the curriculum and the school board to provide funding for a media specialist and other necessary Improvements. Everyone was nervous on the day they would hear the accreditation agency’s recommendation.

DeLene Sholes

About DeLene Sholes (Destin, Florida Author)

DeLene Sholes

DeLene Sholes is a former teacher, principal, and curriculum coordinator who presently lives in the popular Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Her experience as an educator serves her well in her present occupation as freelance writer.

The author enjoys sharing the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant stories of former students, teachers, and parents. She spends much of her time with her children and grandchildren enjoying the beauty of Florida’s Panhandle.

Recently she has interviewed veterans of World War Two for the benefit of their families who might not have their family members written. One veteran talked about flying his B-17 on twenty-five missions. Another veteran was present at Normandy on D-Day.iic