Reaping the Harvest: An Urban Fantasy – Warrior of the Way - Book 1

Reaping the Harvest: An Urban Fantasy
230 Pages
Sandy Shores Publishing
ISBN 978-1944984694

Faeries are real. That was hard enough to stomach, but now, they’ve drafted Rhychard Bartlett into their way. At least they gave him a sword. A sword for crying out loud! Everyone else has guns and magic, and the Guardian only gave him a glowing sword. Some men strive to be heroes. Not Rhychard. Not even a little. Rhychard just wants t go home and propose Renny Saunders. However, a blood-curdling scream changes the course of his life forever.

Surrounded by a two-and-a-half foot ellyll, a 300-pound coshey, and a street hooker, Rhychard squares off against the demon, Vargas, to keep him from building a Gateway to the Nether, still with nothing but a glowing sword. As if that wasn’t tragic enough, Renny thinks he cheated her on her and has kicked him out on his backside.

Needless to say, Rhychard has had better days.

Robbie Cox

About Robbie Cox (Orlando, Florida Author)

Robbie Cox

Author of the popular series, Destined Mates, Robbie Cox started writing to escape--escape his teachers, escape his fears, even to escape his insecurities and doubts. However, his stories of seduction and adventure, not only allowed him to hide in the lives of his characters, but also captivated those who wanted to escape with him. Now, he enjoys a full-time career as a storyteller and novelist, creating rich worlds of fantasy adventure, paranormal action, and steamy romance. He invites readers to run away with him- to escape, getting lost in the seduction of adventure.

When not writing, Robbie is often found on his back porch enjoying a cigar, a scotch, and a good story. He derives pleasure from his large family and his crazy group of friends who provide the inspiration for his blog, The Mess that Is Me.

His series include, The Warrior of the Way, The Witches of Savannah, The Bull Creek Chronicles, The Rutherford Series, The Harper Twins, and the popular Fangirls series. Short Bio - Robbie Cox is the author of Contemporary Romance, Steamy Romance, Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy stories where the adventure leaps from the pages, seducing you to keep turning the pages.

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