Red Star Rising

Red Star Rising
392 Pages
ISBN 978-1-54391-450-4

America has fallen. The Chinese military occupies the former United States and two families (Lang and West families) struggle to survive rogue gangs, the foreign military, and even the occasional cannibal. Dustin Lang is returning home after attempting to free his brother from a Chinese prison. Meanwhile, Eli West searches for his sister in a ravaged Willamette Valley. Red Star Rising takes the lessons of history and applies them to modern times in this provocative, timely tale.

In the riveting sequel to Truths Blood, RED STAR RISING, the Chinese military controls the former United States and begins implementing a world wide agenda to extract the resources of the fallen nation, including the enslavement of its people. The story continues with the Lang and West families struggling to survive while attempting to locate and rescue lost family members. In this brutal and unpredictable world, anything can happen.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Red Star Rising by Tyler Roberts is a gripping novel with a strong dystopian and political setting. The American Empire is on the brink of collapse, economically weakened by its uncontrolled spending and mounting debts. Now, China wants the debt repaid and the US is unable to do so. So, China moves in, asking to be repaid, and does more than ask for what the US owes. Several US cities are bombed and the country is in a state of complete siege. China plans to extract the resources from the country and to enslave US citizens. It is against such a backdrop that two families, Lang and West, struggle to survive. Follow their journey in a world where the future is uncertain as they try to locate family members while warding off danger. Will they be able to survive?

Although this is a novel with a dystopian setting, this reader can’t help but think of this story as prophetic. The realism injected into the writing is stunning and, as one reads on, one feels seized by the unsettling feeling that events depicted in captivating prose and vivid descriptions could come to pass. Red Star Rising is beautifully plotted and the execution is masterly. I couldn’t stop reading. Tyler Roberts is a great storyteller with a particular gift for character and setting. The reader feels like they are part of the world he creates. The pacing is measured and the entire story features intense moments of action. This is balanced and deft, an entertaining story for fans of dystopian fiction.

Tyler Roberts

About Tyler Roberts (Bend, Oregon Author)

Tyler Roberts

Tyler Roberts is a Master Beekeeper who teaches beekeeping classes and manages numerous hives of his own. He and his wife love to travel and sight-see in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They share their home with a 150 pound English Mastiff named Burly.

Tyler draws on the people he knew during his farming experiences when he was a young man to create some of his characters. He has published two books, "Truths Blood" and "Red Star Rising".

He is trained and educated in biology and the environmental sciences and presently writes articles for an online beekeeping website. You can contact Tyler at

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