Refelctions From a Wine Glass

Refelctions From a Wine Glass
158 Pages
ISBN 978-1984138040

Reflections From a Wine Glass – The second book in The Journey of a Lifetime series from Author Karen Marie Vaughn. Continues as she looks back at the memorable moments of her first year on Hormone Replacement Therapy. Cherishing her “Girl Moments” when she begins to see the physical and spiritual changes that HRT brings. How those changes fill her with the excitement of self-discovery and the anxiousness of the loss of familiarity. She has waited her entire life to be on this journey, and for those very moments.

All leading up to the last path that she must take.

Karen Marie Vaughn

About Karen Marie Vaughn (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Karen Marie Vaughn

Karen Marie Vaughn lives in Perrysburg, Ohio. She is a former United States Marine and served as a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT. After 32 years she retired from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and began her career as an author, speaker and LGBT advocate. She currently serves on the Board of Equality Toledo and recently finished her first season of a new television series on being transgender. She is the proud parent of a transgender child and runs several support groups for the transgender community.

Prior to her transitioning she was a Beta reader for several of her author friends who encouraged her to write. After she began her transitioning she found it easier to write and completed her first book in four months. "The Journey of a Life Time" is about her coming to terms with her gender and how she came out to her friends and family.

Her second book “Reflections from a Wine Glass” gives her the opportunity to reflect and share the best and worst moments of her first year on HRT and transitioning. The physical, emotional and spiritual changes that happened to her. The loss of familiarity and the anxiousness and excitement of things to come.

She has one final year to go in her transitioning, to prepare herself for that last path. Her third book currently be written tells what it takes to mentally prepare for the life changes that come with the surgery to become her authentic self. How her friends and family help her through the process.

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