Rekindled Passion – The Passion Series, Book 1

Rekindled Passion
14 Pages

Damien and Valerie haven’t seen each other in years. Late one fall evening the two bump in to each other. Valerie is meeting a friend for dinner and looking for something to rid her body of falls frigid chill. Damien is definitely the man for the position, as a matter of fact he is the man for all positions. They share a history full of palpable passion and heat that even strangers can taste. Will sweet release finally find them?

Nataki Bush

About Nataki Bush (Ann Arbor, Michigan Author)

Nataki Bush

Black Butterfly was born in a college town, in Ann Arbor, Michigan that is. She is 37 years old and the eldest of two children. She has been writing since elementary, but it wasn't until most recently that she decided to actually pursue writing to be published. Black Butterfly also writes poetry and other genres.

In her spare time she enjoys vast amounts of reality television, traveling, listening to music, visiting comedy clubs and enjoying a good romance or comedy at the theater. Black Butterfly is also a hopeless romantic and is totally in love with love. BB is an alter ego who gives her the ability to explore and express her sexual side; BB is wilder and more vocal, while the other side is a little quiet and sometimes shy.