Reluctant Misfits – Hope for the Men God Chooses

Reluctant Misfits
146 Pages
ISBN 978-0-578-14932-5

Many Christian men struggle with feeling unworthy or unqualified to do God's work. You are not alone. Giants of the faith have felt helpless. Most saints would be surprised at the title. God is not limited by broken vessels. He is given greater glory through them. Through the stories of biblical heroes - Jonathan, David, Moses, and more - we can learn to see the power of God in unremarkable human beings.

Men with failings, flaws, doubts, and fears. Men who were chosen, though they were broken. Men who were helpless without their Savior.

God often chooses weak, broken, and reluctant men to fulfill his plans here on earth.

Michael Tison

About Michael Tison (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Michael Tison

Mike Tison left the corporate world and founded H2O Adventure Ministries, where he has ministered to men for more than 10 years. He is a national motivational speaker. Mike writes for the Sportsmen's Devotional and the Sixth Day Sportsmen's Magazine. His first book, Seize the Adventure, is a devotional for men and young boys filled with real-life adventure stories.

Mike lives in Goodrich, MI, with his wife, Sarah. They have five children. He holds an MA in theological studies from Liberty University and a BA in education from the University of Michigan - Flint. When he is not writing or speaking you can find Mike on the softball field as a coach. To learn more about Mike Tison visit his speaking website at