remembering our parents – Stories and sayings from Mom and Dad

remembering our parents
147 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9771727-5-7

Shortly after his Mom passed away, author Stuart Gustafson knew he wanted to honor her legacy just as he had his dad who'd been killed (along with his Grandfather) by a drunk driver when Stuart was only 16. He began to collect inspirational stories from people all over – everyday neighbors, movie stars, Olympic athletes, even a Medal of Honor (plus a Bronze Star and four Purple Hearts).

The book is about preserving legacy; after all, that is what's left once we leave this earthly world. Master Magician Lance Burton sums it up in his contribution: "It's no illusion – your legacy is real and it must be preserved!" Stuart inserted a saying he remembered his Dad telling him decades ago: "You only have to remember one story when you tell the truth." That's quite a legacy right there.

There are over five-dozen heart-warming stories in this book. A possibly perfect gift for any occasion. Dr. Anne Fox-Clarkson, Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction for Idaho said, "Stuart Gustafson has an exceptional way of presenting his work with a clear message. I strongly urge you check out his programs and his books, and you will be very pleased."

Stuart Gustafson

About Stuart Gustafson (Boise, Idaho Author)

Stuart Gustafson

Stuart Gustafson took early retirement from high technology to spend more time with his family (including 90-year old Mom), to write, and to travel. He's succeeded at doing all those things. He was able to take Mom on her last long trip (a 14-day New Zealand cruise out of Sydney, Australia); he's written more than a dozen books, and he's traveled to 55 countries and visited 145 different cruise ports.

Leveraging his U.S. Registered Trademark "America's International Travel Expert®," Stuart has been speaking on cruise ships around the world as he gathers ideas for his travel-based mystery novels. He's published novels set in Los Cabos, Mexico ("Missing in MEXICO"), Sydney, Australia ("Sydney Murders—SOLVED!"), the Mediterranean Sea ("Disappearances in the MEDITERRANEAN"), and he's currently working on set in Paris, France ("Art Thefts in PARIS").

He's also written books on family relationships, starting with one that centered around the tragic loss of his dad when Stuart was only 16—both Dad and Grandpa were killed by a drunk driver. He has nationally published books on the relationships with Dad, with Mom, and with Grandparents. He's also compiled over five dozen compelling stories into a beautiful book called "remembering our parents—Stories and Sayings from Mom and Dad."