Resume Speed – Stories by Guinotte Wise

Resume Speed
275 Pages
ISBN 978-1626944-84-8

Wise's first collection of short stories, the award-winning Night Train,Cold Beer was described as "Honest, blunt, wild, piercing, chilling, gloriously cinematic in their distilled heat." and "Like a series of little intense Tarantino movies, but subtler."

Resume Speed is also visually keen and, as one novelist headlined it, "Raymond Carver with a heart." Most of the stories have been in Literary Reviews, and some won competitions.

They range from rural noir to urban strange. A couple teens decide to rob a pool hall for the experience. A male witch has a tennis ball act. Siren spirits haunt Lake Texoma. A gorgeous aerial photographer/wingwalker enthralls a house painting kid. A woman who is a ringer for Lana Turner runs off with a younger man. There's a blurred genre faux memoir with different POVs one of whom is Mr. Splitfoot.

You'll meet old-timers running guns for one last main chance, a construction stiff aching to get out of Duluth with his stash, a wise driller and two roughnecks caught on a barge in a tornado and Jesus on a mailbox. And, as they say, much much more.

Guinotte Wise

About Guinotte Wise (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Guinotte Wise

Guinotte Wise writes and welds steel sculpture on a farm in Resume Speed, Kansas. His short story collection (Night Train, Cold Beer) won publication by a university press and enough money to fix the soffits. Five more books since. A five-time Pushcart nominee, his fiction and poetry have been published in numerous literary journals including Atticus, The MacGuffin, Santa Fe Writers Project, Rattle and The American Journal of Poetry. His wife has an honest job in the city and drives 100 miles a day to keep it. Some work is at