Returning – A Collection of Stories

276 Pages
ISBN 9780989007924

Returning is a collection of five stories connected by the theme of the heroine's journey--women catapulted into the world, bumped, banged, and honed by the process, who then return home (to a physical location, or a place of self-identity), changed, able to tackle the unfinished business of life.

Paddle is introduced to a life she didn't know existed outside the Louisiana bayou when a road trip deposits her in Berkeley, CA in the l970's.

Marge has spent a lifetime searching for her daughter Emily,taken from her decades earlier by Emily's "other mother," only to miss her by minutes at San Francisco International Airport.

B.J., Jewell, Bernina, and Gem, a lovable band of social misfits, make their uniqueness work for them.

KerKhar, an albino Miwok child, journeys across the land and over time in order to return to her homeland and reclaim her moment of peace.

Cory grapples with becoming his real self, despite the hand that biology has dealt him.

Tenacity of spirit, a dose of optimism, and curiosity of sould connect these unlikely sojourners.

Jo Lauer

About Jo Lauer (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Jo Lauer

Jo Lauer is a psychotherapist in Sonoma County, California. Her articles and essays have appeared in Sacred Hoop, Psychology Today, Journal of Clinical Activities, Assignments & Handouts in Psychotherapy Practice, Tiny Light, Moondance, GRIT magazine, In The Family, and Sonoma County Women’s Voices.

She has published two novellas, Waltzing with the Azaleas and Sojourner. Her story, “Quilt of Souls,” appears in the Vintage Voices 2010 Redwood Writers Anthology, Words Poured Out. Her essay, “She” appears in Potpourri For and About Women.

She is the author of Returning: A Collection of Stories and the lesbian fiction mystery trilogy, Best Laid Plans, which includes An Unlikely Trio: Prequel, Best Laid Plans: A Cozy Mystery, and Gone Awry: Sequel.

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