Runaway Kitty

Runaway Kitty
238 Pages
ISBN 978-1537319940

Fifteen year old Kitty Fields has had it with her parents. She hates school. She loved gymnastics, but she busted both ankles and had to drop out.

When her parents find out they've lost their house to foreclosure, Kitty decides to run away and try to make it on her own. As her journey to freedom unfolds, she discovers that living on her own isn't what she expected.

She tries living with a friend, discovers abandoned houses and apartments where she can shack up, and takes on a pet kitten. Then, she meets a guy who seems perfect for her. If only they had jobs to support themselves, life would be great.

Then life gets very complicated. Kitty finds herself in a place where she never imagined herself. Follow Kitty as she seeks to live on her own in the Knoxville suburbs. When she finally confronts her parents, it's in a place she never expected to find herself. She finds that complete freedom can be scary, difficult, and heart-wrenching.

Cynthia Coe

About Cynthia Coe (Knoxville, Tennessee Author)

Cynthia Coe

Welcome to my Author Page! I'm delighted that you clicked to find more info about me.

My newest book is "Considering Birds & Lilies: Finding Peace & Harmony in the Everyday World Around Us." I wrote this book towards the end of my time as an Environmental Stewardship Fellow of the Episcopal Church. This book includes many thoughts and insights I gained while writing my two books to introduce children to creation care, "Earth Our Garden Home" and "Wild Faith."

"Considering Birds & Lilies" is a product of my daily walks around my farm in Tennessee. As soon as I step outside, I'm able to forget all worries and concerns. I've also gained many insights in troubling problems by observing the trees, flowers, and animals living on my farm. In researching early Christianity, I realized that many of the saints and early Christian spiritual leaders also found a deep sense of spirituality while in nature. I wanted to share this tradition of nature-based spirituality with contemporary Christians, using everyday language and a conversational tone. (This is by no means an "academic" book!)

Between drafts of books on spirituality and faith, I dabble with novel writing. My first novel, "Ginger's Reckoning," was written in the late 1990's and based on my travels to Europe during my younger days. My second novel, "Runaway Kitty" was written as a means of coming to terms with my adventures as a mom of teenagers. It's written from the perspective of a 15 year old girl living in the Knoxville suburbs, but most of my readers of this novel have been parents and teachers of teens. I hope you'll take a look at these two novels.

I post regularly on Facebook. My page is: Feel free to "like" my page for news of my books, regular freebies of Kindle editions of my books, and blog posts from my website,

Thanks for visiting, Cindy