Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends – The Moon Adventure

Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends
78 Pages
ISBN 978-1537252780


Sarah, has a special gift. She could dream about anything she wanted at night. All she had to do was think about it before falling asleep. Her favorite dream was to play on the moon. While there, she encounters three very different creatures. Furry-Purple has a problem he asks her to help with. Another character named Grump-O-Lux, although scary in appearance, comes to the rescue after Sarah and Furry-Purple free him from red licorice. Miss Witch helps guide them through the dark Forest of Wonder by giving them carrots to eat to help their eyes become strong enough to see.

Recognized creator of the Furry-Purple character from the new 2016 Children's book: Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends: The Moon Adventure. Amanda Fields.

Also available in both Bilingual and Spanish languages and on audio (Ages 3-10 years) Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends helps children to understand the meaning of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover". Just because someone's appearance looks different, doesn't mean that that person is not kind and friendly in nature. This story also lightly demonstrates a new meaning to "Yucky Vegetables" with carrots having magical properties by helping children to see in the dark. Using full color illustrations throughout, pleasant humor, and lovable characters, Sarah, Furry-Purple & Friends. The Moon Adventure, will be a timeless hit for all small children at bedtime.

Pennie Mae Cartawick

About Pennie Mae Cartawick (Orlando, Florida Author)

Pennie Mae Cartawick

Pennie Mae Cartawick has been writing for many years. Her first book as a new author 'Choosing the Right Diet for Success' became a best seller immediately.

Now she is a best selling author of over 50 books and short stories in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. Her work is based on a variety of subjects. Perhaps, she is best know for her Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Her books include: paperback, digital book format, and audio production. Her audio books are narrated by such celebrity actors as Mark Deakins, P.J. Ochlan, Barbara Goodson, Ian Whitcomb, Joey D' Auria, Simon Prebble, and Alex Hyde-White.