Scarlet and the Map of Maps – Book One

Scarlet and the Map of Maps
340 Pages
ISBN 9781692618438

Join Scarlet, as she pursues her dream of becoming a pirate and sailing the high seas. But be warned, daring adventure lies ahead, when she’s joined by her new friend, Joshua Brisbain, as they steal a map, hide Scarlet in the belly of a ship, navigate an island filled with peril, and still have to make it back to their crew before they sail off without them. Will Scarlet find all of the treasure she seeks? Or will her dream end before it begins?

H. D. Olson

About H. D. Olson (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

H. D. Olson

H. D. Olson lives in Colorado.

Having earned a B. A. in English from UCCS many years ago, now every day is spent either writing, or thinking about writing, and always wishing there was more time to do both.