Scenario Planning for Climate Change – A Guide for Strategists

Scenario Planning for Climate Change
200 Pages
ISBN 978-1138498402

Climate change, and the resultant impact on resource management and societal wellbeing, is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses and their long-term performance. Uncertainty about access to resources, unanticipated weather events, rapidly changing market conditions and potential social unrest is felt across all business and industry sectors. This book sets out an engaging step-by-step scenario-planning method that executives, Board members, managers, and consultants can follow to develop a long-term strategy for climate change tailored for their business.

Most climate change strategy books discuss climate mitigation only, focusing on how companies engage with carbon policy, new technologies, markets and other stakeholders about reducing carbon emissions. This book explores these themes but also looks at strategizing for climate change adaptation. Adaptation is equally important, especially given that companies cannot negotiate with nature. There is a need to interpret climate science for business in a way that acknowledges the realities of climate change and identifies a way forwards in responding to this uncertain future.

Nardia Haigh

About Nardia Haigh (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Nardia Haigh

Over nearly fifteen years, Nardia has taught hundreds of executives and business students how to strategize for climate change resilience using scenario planning. The straight-forward, step-by-step method Nardia refined over time is now available in her book, Scenario Planning for Climate Change.

Dr. Haigh earned her Ph.D. in Business Management at the University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane, Australia. As a doctoral student, she investigated organizational strategies in response to climate change issues.

Nardia is a tenured Associate Professor of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. ​