School Rules! – Book #1 of Principal Kidd Series

School Rules!
92 Pages
ISBN 1544827075

Eleven-year-old whiz, Oliver Kidd, is principal of his former grade school, Eggshell Elementary. With the help of his sidekick, Chelsea the chicken, zany and fun things happen all the time with the world's first kid principal. In book #1, Oliver announces new rules that backfire after mean Vice Principal Dagger attempts to get Principal Kidd fired. The town health inspector, Mr. Dusty. gives Oliver 24 hours to fix everything or the school will get shut down!

Add together bubble gum, fast and slow lanes in the hallways, longer recess, a kid in charge of everyone and everything --and occasional chicken poop -- and you get lots of giggles in this fun series for kids.

Book #1 released April 3, 2017. Follow along for info, contests, games and prizes at -- you can also subscribe to free newsletter! Happy Reading!

Connie T. Colon

About Connie T. Colon (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Connie T. Colon

A graduate of Syracuse University and former advertising executive, Connie has a degree in art but now also paints with her words. She had the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with award winning author, Jerry Spinelli at the Highlights Workshop in Chautauqua.

An active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Connie had served as a Committee Member for the NJ Chapter before moving to Florida. She has sold over 60 articles and over 100 photos to publications including Highlights, Fun For Kidz, AppleSeeds, and Faces. Her ongoing feature “Dear Tommy” has run in Faces magazine for over seven years.

Connie occasionally teaches magazine writing workshops at SCBWI events and loves to visit schools. She is working on several manuscripts for humorous chapter book series based on her television animation concepts.