Sea of Serenity – Seasons of Poetry Series

Sea of Serenity
128 Pages
ISBN 9781494970543

Sea of Serenity is a beautiful collection of coastal poetry which includes Bible verses, Christ-centered devotions, and journal pages. It is a great tool for use in Bible studies, youth groups, or for personal reflection and meditation. Narrator and author, Tina Bryant, will take you on a meditative journey into the Father's sea of grace, as it is revealed through the poetry of Chad Joseph Thieman, The Poet of Light. (This volume includes some poetry from the 101 Treasurable Poems series; as well as, several new poems unique to this book.)

About Authors:

Chad Joseph Thieman (native of Perrysburg, Ohio) has published well over 300 treasurable poems, including the 37 in this first volume of the Seasons of Poetry series. If you are looking for a poetry book filled with Inspirational coastal themed poetry and devotions that you can enjoy over and over again, this may be the book for you!

Tina Bryant (native of Maumee, Ohio) has published a 31-day devotional entitled: A Quest for Jesus, before working on this project. She uses inspirational Bible verses in her reflective devotions, and asks the readers questions for the journal page which follows after each devotion. In Sea of Serenity, she focuses on the words of Scriptures and the message of each poem, to create her heartfelt devotions.

Chad Joseph Thieman

About Chad Joseph Thieman (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Chad Joseph Thieman

Chad Joseph Thieman -

“I consider writing my spiritual gift, not a natural one by any means. This spiritual gift was given to me in my teen years, immediately after making the commitment to live my life for God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ. I first received the desire to inspire others and live with an eternal purpose from the Spirit of Grace, after I moved from Perrysburg, Ohio to the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina (1992). It soon became apparent that I would serve the Lord through writing, which I previously struggled greatly with.

I have believed in God, and have sought a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father since coming to faith as a young child; but it was the decision to surrender completely, truly repenting of my sin, and choosing to live for Him, that changed my life forever back in those teen years.

I have since been blessed with publishing a three book trilogy series of 101 Treasurable Poems, available at I am currently working on the Seasons of Poetry Series, The Way of Wisdom Series, as well as, a poetry novel entitled Seashell Memories from Pelican Bay.”

Tina Bryant

About Tina Bryant (Co-Author)

Tina Bryant

Tina Bryant -

“I met Chad and moved to North Carolina in 2015. I was born and raised in Maumee, Ohio. During my adult years, I had been struggling with being single. It wasn’t until I turned my life over to Christ, that I truly understood that it was okay to be single. In 2016 I published my first book, A Quest for Jesus: 31 Day Devotional for Singles, about my singleness season, and what God had done with me during that time.

God reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11 that I needed to be patient with God. He is never late, He is always on time. A Quest for Jesus is a devotional book to help others understand that they are not alone in their singleness.

Chad and I both felt God leading us to write a book together, Sea of Serenity. With his spiritual gift in poetry and mine in devotional writing, we both knew this would be a great accomplishment for the Kingdom of God. I really hope you enjoy it.”