Selfie Love – Your Personalized guide

Selfie Love
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ISBN 978-1516863259

For quite some time, I existed in darkness. This darkness shadowed the love in my life with an unshakable cloud. The dark cloud covered love, joy, prosperity and complete serenity for me in my life, whether I knew it or not or would accept it or not. For the majority of my life I existed in fear, depression, worry, doubt- even suicidal and through my own reflection and decision that enough was enough, I decided that my circumstances needed to change…drastically.

For years, women have treated love as something that needed to find them. Without it, there was often a void and a lack of self-fulfillment. For years, the pursuit of love has destroyed countless amounts of amazing women. What’s the first question we ask ourselves when a relationship doesn’t work out? What’s wrong with me???? Rest assured, it is of no fault of our own, we live as we observe. A lot of the barriers in our life, are self-imposed. Now is the time to take control of your love life! The steering wheel has always been in front of you, you just didn’t know you could drive in the right direction- all on your own!

When you do not have SelfieLove- do you know what you are offering the guy you are dating? You are offering a tainted love that has foundations rooted in our insecurities, deepest fears, stress and depression. You are offering your baggage from the past that you are still trying to accept or let go. No one deserves this, not even you! Relationships are meant to be beautiful bonds that build one’s soul. Regardless of whether or not a partner works out, the pursuit of love is one that enriches the soul. Allow me to open the door to a journey of love, unlike that which you’ve experienced. If what you seek is a sense of achievement, fulfillment, bursts of positive energy, a new outlook on life and an exploration of love that adds value to your life then please pick SelfieLove up, make the investment and when you’re done give it to another woman who you know, that wants the very same for themselves!

Ms. Pamela Kaye  M.Ed

About Ms. Pamela Kaye M.Ed (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Ms. Pamela Kaye  M.Ed

Native of North Carolina and raised in Philadelphia, I have come a very long way, surmounting challenges, tragedies, loss and trauma to eventually bloom into a proud, beautiful, awesome and amazing being. Although no one specifically guided me to my Selfie Love, I know I can impart to you, best practices to assist in discovering it for yourself and then have the time of your life finding your #1 True Love !

Trust me. Nothing is standing in your way except yourself! And most times an outside perspective can help reveal the most beautiful things that you've grown to ignore. Engage with your personalized workbook, it can never be duplicated! Have fun writing your thoughts and feelings in your interactive guide to Selfie Love and watch how it can inspire your heart and transform your mind!

Author, Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Mom and Advocate of Love!