Sheet of Skin for Lebensraum

Sheet of Skin for Lebensraum
284 Pages
Prose Press
ISBN 978-1-941069-87-5

The author, highly schooled in nuclear enigmas, takes the reader through a complex riveting plot full of red herrings and cliffhangers. The story is based on scientific fact, colorized by dramatic characters who are involved in a gripping tale of revenge for the victims who were brutally gassed with Zyklon-B and cremated in World War II Nazi killing factories.

In the story, a team of Egyptian nuclear scientists acquire a hijacked U.S. Navy submarine carrying 16 Polaris A-1 missiles. Converting the sub to a processing laboratory, they burn her highly enriched uranium fuel to produce Polonium-210, the deadliest poison on the planet. If exposed through inhalation, ingestion, or absorption, the poison will melt internal organs and dissolve bones. A gram can kill millions. The team has targeted Nazi war criminals who escaped trial in Nuremberg, and certain execution.

Their first victim is chased across the globe to Swakopmund in Namibia. Enticed aboard a leased yacht for some sport fishing, the team poisons him by serving German Altbier laced with the Polonium-210. Desperate to negotiate an antidote, the former Nazi officer reveals where the hijacked submarine's missiles are stored, which were missing when the scientists acquired her. He also reveals a horrifying plot to launch them in an attack on nuclear power plants located near heavily populated American cities. In the attack, 80 percent of the population will be annihilated and the continent will be uninhabitable for millions of years.

Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D.

About Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D. (Aiken, South Carolina Author)

Rose O. Hayes, Ph.D.

A medical anthropologist, Dr. Hayes served on the U.S. Department of Energy Site-Specific Board-Savannah River, from 2009-2015, chairing its Nuclear Materials Committee. Having authored publications on nuclear waste management, she now offers a course on nuclear waste resolutions at the University of South Carolina-Aiken and writes non-fiction and fiction books which always center on the foibles of atom splitting.

Her fast moving and hard hitting stories lace together fanciful plots centered on poisons derived from nuclear waste that threaten the planet. She often sets scenes against the brutal horror of World War II Nazi killing factories and their use of Zyklon-B gas to exterminate millions of innocent men, women, and little children.

Anchored in such exotic third world venues as Sudan, Namibia, and Amazonia, Hayes falls back on her anthropological training to weave together history, scientific fact, the worst of human tendencies, and planetary pollution by nuclear waste.