Sherlock Holmes – The Ultimate Satyr Collection (Volume 1)

Sherlock Holmes
202 Pages
ISBN 978-1499346787

Ten Compelling Sherlock Holmes Crime Mysteries In One Complete Book: VOLUME ONE.

STORY ONE: The Game of Cat and Mouse- The interior was dark and neither of us searched for a lamp or switch. There came a ticking of some clock or another. And the sound of a dripping faucet somewhere in the house was like a hammer to an anvil. Our breaths were loud, but my heart sounded louder to me. Interestingly enough, Holmes moved as though he'd been through here before.

STORY TWO: The Mystery of the Faceless Bride- The bride carried no decaying roses but her bridal dress was torn and burnt. Her bare legs, starved needle points, staggered disjointedly. The veil hung low over her face. I had my pistol, however I could not shoot. Her face! Even in the darkness I could see its ruin.

STORY THREE: The Case of the Cracked Mirror- The fireman had seen a skeleton, wearing a dress coat, whose head was aflame. I was deeply worried for the missing young woman. If she had been taken by the opera ghost, be he flesh or spirit, how would she fare if she rejected his 'love'?

Also includes: A Strange Affair with the Woman on the Tracks, The curse of a Native, The Mystery of the Poisoned Tomb, The Case of the missing Mayan Codices, Murders on the Voyage to India, The Heist, Death in the Tropics of an English Explorer.

Pennie Mae Cartawick

About Pennie Mae Cartawick (Orlando, Florida Author)

Pennie Mae Cartawick

Pennie Mae Cartawick has been writing for many years. Her first book as a new author 'Choosing the Right Diet for Success' became a best seller immediately.

Now she is a best selling author of over 50 books and short stories in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. Her work is based on a variety of subjects. Perhaps, she is best know for her Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Her books include: paperback, digital book format, and audio production. Her audio books are narrated by such celebrity actors as Mark Deakins, P.J. Ochlan, Barbara Goodson, Ian Whitcomb, Joey D' Auria, Simon Prebble, and Alex Hyde-White.