She's Mine – A Mystique of Naultag Novel

She's Mine
276 Pages
ISBN 1505284465

Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense * 2014 Grace Awards finalist * Winner of Clash of the Titles, January 2015

This summer is going to be explosive for Caitlin Harrington and Sean Taggart!


Caitlin dreams of a quiet life teaching math at her hometown middle school. Except someone is leaving ominous notes on her door. It could be her ex-boyfriend or someone else who doesn't want her back in town. Firefighter Sean Taggart thinks Caitlin is beautiful...and possibly crazy. When he finds out the truth, Sean wants to help. Can he save Caitlin before the stalker turns to murder?

“Don’t you worry about Sean,” Randy said. “We need to take care of you.” Caitlin pushed him away and looked up the hill. The glow she’d assumed was work lights suddenly took on an ominous tint. As they all watched, flames shot up into the night sky.

"A palm slicker for sure" ~ Dora Hiers, author of Heart Racing, God-Gracing Romances

Tammy Doherty

About Tammy Doherty (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Tammy Doherty

Tammy Doherty writes Inspirational/Christian fiction. Her first three novels are Western romances set in late 1800s Colorado. After completing this series, Tammy turned to contemporary romantic suspense. The Mystique of Naultag series is set in a small town in central Massachusetts very similar to the town where she grew up.

Tammy Doherty grew up in the family greenhouse business but decided to go into an animal related career and became a veterinary technician. Her husband is "The Perennial Guy," so she's back to being immersed in the plant business. Currently, she works for a veterinary distribution company, selling pharmaceuticals and supplies in the Northeast.

Tammy is most active on Facebook. Visit her there to get glimpses into life in Naultag Or visit about life in small town Massachusetts - the setting of her current works.