Shifters of Draglin – Will Adrianna’s destiny be enough to give the whole world hope?

Shifters of Draglin
70 Pages
ISBN 9781523308231

For generations the people of Draglin have been ruled by fear. Their children go missing; families vanish never to be heard from again, whole villages have been known to disappear without a trace, while bands of Lawless roam the countryside unchecked by any law or government. A prodigy of her kind, Adrianna knows her path lies in fighting for a future of peace and stability. Adrianna is a member of a secret race of shape shifting dragons who are at war with an ancient evil who has been bent on a world wide genocide for generations. Is she the hero the people of Draglin have been waiting for, or will she and her friends be the next generation of victims for this evil that rules through fear.

Kase Palmer

About Kase Palmer (Tallahassee, Florida Author)

Kase Palmer

Kase Palmer is new to the world of publication. She has been creating little stories with dragons for her own amusement for years. Her favorite genres are Fantasy, Romance, and Science Fiction. She loves to read about magic, paranormal, and time travel story lines. Her favorite places to go are book stores with little coffee shops to drink a cup of mocha coffee and read a new book. Kase is from the mid-west; her home-state is Iowa, the land of corn and soybeans. She moved to Florida at the age of 19 with her family, where she has stayed and made her home. Kase is happily married. She and her husband James are a blended family with six children. Kase and her husband were blessed earlier this year with their first grandchild and have a second grandchild on the way. When she isn't writing or being a mother, Kase works full-time with the State of Florida helping at risk children and dependent adults.