Simpatico's Gift – Kent Stephenson Thriller #2

Simpatico's Gift
267 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9989326-2-0

It’s the middle of the breeding season in Upstate New York, and the top stallions in Kent Stephenson’s veterinary practice are being systematically eliminated by sudden death, rare disease, and mysterious disappearance.

Kent, his Redbone hound, Lucinda, and his teenage daughter, Emily, put their lives on the line to find out why. Their investigation leads them from horseracing’s seedy underbelly of fixes and doping, to the staid aristocracy of Kentucky’s famed bluegrass horse farms, struggling to keep their legacy of great stallions. Then they descend into the world of a super-rich, South American drug lord, who collects horses the way he collects beautiful women. It’s a race to the wire as they jockey to keep themselves alive, save the stallions, and stop whoever is behind it all.

What they discover rocks the horse industry. And it will rock the very soul of any lover of these great beasts.

Frank Martorana

About Frank Martorana (Syracuse, New York Author)

Frank Martorana

If you’ve read many author biographies, you are aware that most authors know at a young age they want to be writers. That’s not the case for Frank Martorana; he never wanted, or expected, to be a writer. From the time he stopped wanting to be a cowboy, all he ever wanted to be was a veterinarian. He loved, and did well, in science classes, especially biology. Humanities, like literature and writing? Not so much.

Frank grew up in New York's Capital District—mostly in Colonie and Burnt Hills. When he graduated from the veterinary college at Cornell University, his plan was to hire on in a practice for a year or two, make his “rookie mistakes” under their reputation, and then start a practice of his own. To that end, he joined the Cazenovia Animal Hospital, a thriving central NY mixed cattle, horse, and pet practice. The only problem is—he never left. Over the years he morphed from the rookie in constant need of mentoring, to the old man who has mentored a handful of bright young veterinarians who followed after him.

Frank’s debut mystery/thriller, "Taking on Lucinda" will be available in April 2018. Books two and three in the Kent Stephenson thriller series are titled "Simpatico’s Gift" and "The Color of Wounds." They will follow soon. For updates visit

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