Six-Word Lessons on the Sport of Running – 100 Lessons to Enjoy Running for a Lifetime

Six-Word Lessons on the Sport of Running
126 Pages
ISBN 1933750634

Whether you’re an experienced or beginning runner, learn 100 lessons to enjoy running for a lifetime.

Discover the many benefits of running, even those hidden beneath the surface. With the proper mindset, training and equipment, you can develop strength and endurance, both physical and mental, and tackle challenging feats you never imagined, taking your running to new heights while building lasting friendships. One hundred brief lessons include training techniques, proper equipment, mindset and more. The short, simple tips in this book will help you push yourself to levels you never dreamed possible. Use it as a reference to come back to again and again to help you thrive on the many peaks and valleys the sport of running offers . . . for a lifetime.

Tracey Cohen

About Tracey Cohen (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Tracey Cohen

Written by Tracey Cohen, a lifelong competitive runner, freelance writer, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of thirty-nine. Sharing her own struggles and discoveries, she aims to empower others to learn, accept and find peace in an ever complicated neurotypical world. Tracey lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan with her treasured Labrador Retriever, Bailey Kennedy.